Rainy Tuesday

It stormed pretty badly here last night. Which means right after the thunder started we saw a little shadow in the doorway. Mitten Head slept with us last night, curled up in a cute little ball between our pillows. She may be expensive, but she sure is adorable.

The storm last night was pretty wild. There was tons of thunder and lightening. Lots of lightening. Again, I woke up when it started to get noisy. Apparently, I wandered around the bedroom for a few minutes before Sean asked what I was doing, and then I woke up from my mini-sleep walk and got back in bed.

Since the vet told us that Lyra had lost a half a pound (which is a fairly large chunk when you only weigh 8 pounds), I’ve been trying to feed her more often. I figured if I fed her earlier today, I could feed here three more times before bed tonight.

I don’t know if it was the food, how quickly she ate it, the fact that it was early, or maybe she was still a little nervous from the storm, but she quickly vomited it all back up on the bedroom floor. Luckily, she managed to jump off the bed before she tossed her cookies. Poor baby Mitten.

I covered it in baking soda, like last time. But I’m going to wait until tonight to vacuum it so Sean doesn’t have to clean cat vomit out of the vacuum again.

Other than that, I’ve had a productive morning. I’ve started laundry, and gotten myself ready for the day. I still plan to take out the trash, go to the bank, and straighten up the apartment a little before I go work out (TURBO!).

I also tried the first workout on the Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” DVD last night.

I’ll try to review that later today!


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