Some context

I thought I would provide a little context into my Lilo & Stitch post earlier today. I have put off posting because I didn’t want to be a negative Nelly after my last bunch of positive posts. Maybe I just go through phases, ups and downs, happy and not so happy.

Today was just not my day at work. Firstly, I just get such a bad attitude when the people there ask me to do things that they just don’t want to. In the time it takes them to explain the situation and how to accomplish what they want me to, they could have done the task themselves, and correctly. Today one of my coworkers typed up the body of a letter and asked me to send it. All I had to do was copy and paste it into the letter format and make an envelope label.

However, I managed to do the letters incorrectly about 4 times because he kept expecting me to intuitively just know that he wanted me to include a postage-paid return envelope. And that one letter was for the main lawyer’s signature, not his. Sigh.

My boss is speaking at some lawyer’s conference tomorrow. He wrote a “brief bio” for himself as an introduction for when he speaks. He sent it around the office and it was not as brief as he seemed to think. There were tons of redundant sentences and clauses that could have been cleaned up for a more succinct and cleaner bio. He asked me what I thought of his “brief bio,” which apparently doesn’t mean, “Do you have any suggestions?”

Because when I said, “It’s not that brief,” he scoffed and looked at me with his eyebrows raised. “It’s about public relations and tooting my own horn.”No way! It’s not like I majored in communications. I was just saying it’s not very brief.

I’m keeping my mouth shut form now on. It won’t be that hard, though, because no one talks to me there.

I’m in the mindset of not really feeling like I know what I want to do with my life. Graduate school has not worked out for the past two years I’ve applied. I feel really bitter toward the current MC graduating class who apparently ALL got into graduate school and still managed to be drunk 1/3 of the time.

All I know is that my brain and my soul are both melting while I sit at a desk and do someone else’s grunt work.


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