UPDATE: Another good health/exercise app

I found another really helpful app while searching my iPhone last night. It’s called MyNetDiary and is essentially a food/exercise journal. It has everything you could think of.

Firstly, when you start you plug in your starting weight, the date you started using the app, your gender, height, DOB, activity level. From there, it calculates your basal metabolic rate calories (the number of calories your body burns just by existing) and your weight maintenance calories (what you’d have to eat to maintain the weight you are currently at).

Then you can set plan targets, like a target weight and how much you’d like to exercise per week. It also calculates how many calories you’d have to eat a day to lose the amount of weight you want to in your target time.

You can keep track of what you eat everyday for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and it calculates your nutrients for the day and what you have to get in before the day’s end.

As of right now, I’ve had a bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Oat cereal with milk. I’ve taken in 252 calories (with 1972 left for the day), 6 grams of fat (with 62 left for the day), 42g of carbs (250 remaining), 11g of protien (100g left), etc.

You can also track how much you’ve exercised each day, track your weight, water intake, measurements. It also has an analysis feature where it tells you things like “You’ve burned 592 calories” and “2g of saturated fat provided more than 7% of calories,” for my breakfast.

I’ve been using it just to keep track of what I eat and how much protein and fiber, etc. I eat. I really like it the way it keeps track and calculates everything for me.


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