Government shut-down

*UPDATE* I had to edit this because government employees aren’t allowed to have an opinion on this matter. Sorry.


Forgive me in advance. I’m going to get a little political, and I’m going to vent.

I’ve been carefully tracking the news regarding Congress’s budget woes and slowly counting down the days until they decide what’s going to happen.

From what I’ve determined, Sean, the IT Specialist, is not currently considered “emergency staff,” that is, people who are required to work even if Congress can’t manage to grunt out a budget.

From what I’ve heard, even if a budget isn’t passed and government workers go on furlough, these workers will get paid for their work once a budget is passed. However, pay is all they’ll get from those two weeks of service. They will not get the normal benefits they usually do for putting in hours–like earning sick days or administrative leave days.

Also, if the government decides to put non-emergency government employees on a two week furlough without pay, these employees will essentially go half a month without a paycheck.

I told Sean last night that I thought these employees should get paid regardless of whether or not they work during the furlough, because it’s not their fault that they’re taking days off. Then I thought that maybe taxpayers would throw a fit because people are getting paid for not working. I don’t see people complaining that the members of Congress are still collecting a paycheck even though they cannot manage to get jobs done within a timely manner. Within deadlines.

In any other job, if a deadline comes, one is supposed to meet said deadline. At my job, if we don’t file paperwork by a certain time as mandated by judges, cases are lost. Yet Congress feels it can put people’s livelihoods on the line. This would not be a two-week vacation for government workers. People who can afford a two-week vacation will take one willingly, not have one forced upon them.

I think about single moms with families to supports who will go a month with only half their income. That’s a big deal if you’re living paycheck to paycheck. That equals bills unpaid.

I understand that the GOP is attempting to pass another budget extension, which, honestly, I think is a bunch of bull.

Both sides need to buck up, put on their big-boy pants and compromise, something they claim they know how to do. Because even if they decide on a budget before Friday and save their employees from financial stress, they sure look like bumbling idiots right now.


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