Weekend update

Hey y’all (please say that Paula Deen style). This weekend has been niiiiiiiiice. Not only has the weather been fantastic, but life over the weekend here in Jaw-Jah (Georgia) has also been funtastic. Yes, funtastic.

Onely, Sean and I got up early (code: I got up early and made him get up because I’d made breakfast!) and went for a bike ride in the (open!) national park trail near our house.

On a sad note, Sean’s park was supposed to have a veteran’s fishing event, but because they weren’t sure if the government would shut down, they had to cancel it. I thought that was really lame. All these guys kept pulling up to the parking lot, and they kept having to turn them away. Lame, Congress. Lame…

Then we got back, and I tried to make bagels. They failed. Just like my cinnamon swirl bread, they were way too doughy. I don’t know what I did wrong. Sean has a theory that it’s the oven. I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t mastered the art of bread yet. To make up for it, we made cookies at 9:00 P.M. 🙂

Dough bagels. Bluh.

Here’s the original recipe if you want to try.

After that, we took advantage of the great weather by playing frisbee by the river. It was soooo nice.

After dinner (chicken and leftovers, easy), we had ice cream at Coldstone Creamery. Double yum! I had sweet cream with Oreos mixed in (sweet cream was WAY sweet, headache in a cup), and Sean got mint with KitKat mixed in. Ew, but yum for him.

Mitten also had a nice day.

Staring out the window


Kitty yoga

And today we played soccer with our new team! Yay! We joined an adult soccer league. We’ve been placed on a team called, “Purple Haze” which is mostly just a bunch of chill old men who like to go get a beer after playing a game. Our first game is Tuesday night! Exciting. Also, I’m the worst one on the team! 🙂

Tomorrow, I want to try this recipe (with ground turkey not beef). It looks tasty (not too healthy, but we’ll supplement it with salads).

So now I’m making chicken pot pie for dinner still dirty and sweaty from my fun soccer game! Yay! Maybe Atlanta isn’t horrible after all!


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