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Mitten Head is back from her stressful day at the vet. They cleaned her teeth, extracted one, gave her kitty anesthesia, lots of antibiotics for her inflamed fitty gums, and some pain meds for the extracted tooth. All this cost Mr. Sean Anderson a whopping $372. He is not please with poor baby Lyra cat right now.

They didn’t bother doing a kitty biopsy because they knew… Mitten Head will have all her teeth removed. She’ll be a gummy mitten.

Also, she apparently has lost bladder control with her anesthesia. She just wet herself in the window. She didn’t even know she accidentally peed until she got up from the window. She’s still a little drugged.We’ll have to watch her carefully tonight.

In other news, Mr. Sean Anderson also fixed my stupid bumper. He came home early (because he loves me) and we went to Lowes to get screws and bolts and washers. He rigged it so the bumped won’t drag in front of me and “jack my car’s shit.”

I really just need to invest in a new car. Maybe one day when I have loads of cash to blow…

Our first soccer game with Purple Haze is tonight. We are both a little excited and a little nervous. The scrimmage we had on Sunday reminded us that we’re both pretty out of shape. We were both quite sore afterward. But hopefully a lot more people will be there, and we’ll meet the whole team.

And now, off to plan a trip to Kentucky to get the cat’s teeth extracted by Sean’s uncle. Because he won’t charge us $2000 to do it.


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