Purple Haze

As you may have read in my past few blogs, Sean and I joined an adult soccer league. Our team is mostly a bunch of older men who go by the team name of “Purple Haze.” Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

We’re not named Purple Haze because we are so awesome that we put people in a daze in which they “don’t know if it’s day or night,” or are “actin’ funny but, [they] don’t know why.” We’re probably more likely named Purple Haze because we don’t know what the heck is going on.

We’re just there to have fun, man.

And last night, that’s what we did. We played “The Stragglers,” but they had their game together a lot more than we did. Especially since we were down two players by the time the game started. That and the sun was excruciatingly bright on our side of the field, which would have been fine except we were wearing purple and the other team was wearing blue. In the glare of the sun, it looked like we were all on the same team. How poetic.

Our team lost, by a lot. But most goals were scored during the first half before we had a full team (and before we could see). I think it was 4 to 0 (even though we scored 1, but what does it matter when you’re down that much?). It wasn’t really too bad losing, it was just fun to play. They’re team was nice, we shook hands afterward, and some guys even stayed for a pick-up game.

Overall, I’m glad we joined the team, and I can’t wait till our next scrimmage or game!

Also, I just Google Imaged “Purple Haze,” and it’s also a type of marijuana. I am fairly certain there are probably people on our team who smoke it…


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