You’re never fully dressed without a smile

I think I know why I’m having issues at my job. I think I know why I don’t like where I am with my job. Is this making sense? I’ll just make the list for you, you’ll get the idea.

  • I don’t feel like my talents and abilities are being utilized. I am a pretty good writer, but writing correspondence doesn’t really exercise my linguistic chops.
  • I don’t feel like I’m being challenged. There’s nothing like opening someone else’s mail to really get your your gears moving.
  • I don’t feel like I’m appreciated for what I do do. I mean, I’m a fun person. I like to laugh, but I get the job done. However, it seems like no one 1. wants to chat with me ever, or 2. cares about what I do.

However, today, this afternoon, in a few hours, I have a phone interview with a marketing company looking for a copywriter! This is mega-exciting for me!

This is the part where I do tons-o-research about the company and come up with good questions to ask.

I am usually pretty confident about interviews, but don’t really have any time to practice beforehand. (Like, “what will I say if they ask this?” or, “how should I phrase that question?”)

So, please wish me luck, because I would love to get into a field that 1. I’m actually qualified to be in, and 2. I would enjoy, excel in, and be challenged in.


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