Hi again

I’ve not posted a blog in a while. Like a few days, or maybe one, but that’s a lot for me, because I’m used to getting out all my comma splices and venting to you nameless faceless readers. Or at least to the abyss that I imagine sucks in all my complaints and whatnot.

Anyway. We got the cat back from the vet on Tuesday. We’re going to have to make the trip to Kentucky in order to have all her teeth removed. Poor Mitten. She’s just now getting back to being herself after refusing to be near us since we had her teeth cleaned. Her demeanor quickly changed with the storm that blew over us last night.

The power went out, and we were pummeled by marble-sized hail. The wind knocked down some branches and whipped leaves and pine needles all over the place. We opened the door after the hail last night, and it smelled like Christmas trees. So we lit candles and Sean turned on the mega-MagLite flashlight which probably made it look like we had power when we didn’t. Dang that thing is bright.

We coerced the Mitten out of the closet where she was hiding from the storm in the deepest darkest corner. Then we put her on the bed and petted her until she wasn’t feeling like a weenie anymore. After that she cuddled under the covers and slept between us all night. I love my cat. She’s so funny.

In other news, I applied for a copywriter job and was interviewed over the phone. The place seems awesome. The people seem awesome. I feel like this is where I should be headed if my career not in secretarial business is going to go anywhere. I hate being a secretary.

That being said, my coworkers tried to throw me into preparing legal documents on Thursday. They essentially said, “Here’s one that’s already done. Here’s a blank one, complete.” It was a little like being thrown in the pool in order to learn how to swim. He said that it should take me until Monday or so, but I finished what I could (between mailing letters and forgetting to scan them [gah!]) and was pretty much done with it.

Let’s be clear here. Law is not my bag. Bluh.

Tonight we’re planning on going to a free concert with our friends Deb and Lee. It’s hosted by a radio station for its third birthday, and there will be booths and food and, hopefully, fun.

I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to show you. Or not. Maybe. I don’t know.

So that’s a brief update on my life.

Side note: Sean just asked me to come clean up the cat’s drool spots off the arm of the couch. Hilarious. Drooly mitten.


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