Sean warned me before I began this weekend’s baking project, if I make one more doughy mess out of something, then I am banned from yeast-requiring recipes for a while. He banned me with good reason. The past few weekends I’ve wasted a lot of flour, sugar, etc. while managing nasty breads and bagels.

However, this week, I come in triumphant! Homemade Doughnuts were a success!  I didn’t take pictures of the dough-making process. I figured if this one was a failure, you don’t want to see another set of Betty making dough that I will inevitably mess up somehow.

We looked all over for doughnut cutters (like cookie cutters), but couldn't find any. So we measured a mug and a bottle cap!
Setting the doughnuts out to rise. This was the trickiest part. I turned the oven on broil and left it open to warm up the kitchen.
Heating the oil to 375°F, making sure with a candy thermometer. Almost there!
Rise, doughnuts, RISE!
Making the glaze while the oil heats up.
The finished product! Success! Finally!

The picture above is before we glazed/coated them in powdered sugar. I got a headache after trying a few. Bluh. Tooooo much sugar. But one is just enough!

All in all, I’m glad not to be banned from doughs for the time being. I’ll conquer bread one day! I just know it.

Sean thought it would be funny to make a dog poop-shaped doughnut. He asked me to share it with you.

Glazed turd? Don't mind if I do.

While we were making doughnuts, the Mitten was making friends. The kitchen was blazing, so we opened the bedroom windows. Whenever we open the windows, she loves to pretend she’s an outside Mitten. Sometimes when you walk by, she looks deep in concentration, tail flicking back and forth with purpose. Then you get a little closer and see what she’s spying…

Please tell us what you see, Mitten Head.

Lizards! They like to sit out in the sun, RIGHT BY her window. I say they are her friends, but Sean is certain they’re enemies. Oh well.

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