It’s Tuesday

In case you weren’t already aware, today is Tuesday, which is one day closer to the weekend. What kind of person am I living for the weekend? I’ve become one of those.

Anyway, I mentioned that Sean and I were going to go to see the Little River Band with our friends Deb and Lee. Well, because of the storm the night before, it was pretty chilly and windy out that afternoon, so we decided to just go out to eat and hang out with them.

I love Deb and Lee. They’re so nice and so funny. They know all kinds of interesting things, and they know the best places to eat around Atlanta.

We were debating between Mexican food and Italian food, but when Lee mentioned garlic knots at their local Italian food place, Sean and I were swayed. We’re easy to please since we’re both carb addicts.

We all loaded up and went to a place called BiBa’s which was this little hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop-shop Italian food restaurant. Deb and Lee split Chicken Marsala. Sean got a calzone, and I ordered Capellini Primevera (which is capellini noodles with vegetables and tomato sauce). Before the entrees even came out, we feasted like kings on garlic knots. And by feasted like kings, I mean we scarfed them down like hungry peasants. Sean probably had 7. No joke. Also I would like to marry these.

After our delicious dinners, Deb and Lee ordered a tiramisu for us all to share, which ended up being split like this: 1/4 Deb, 1/4 Lee, 1/2 mine. Oh Em Gah! YUMalicious.

This is just a reminder, if I forgot, how much I friggin love to eat food.

Our mission in baking this week is to reproduce those garlic knots that we had at BiBa’s. Prepare for fattening up!


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