Purple Haze strikes again… on themselves

Purple Haze played again last night. There were three girls this time so I actually had a sub. It was nice to not only play, but to get a break to be able to see how other people play. We lost again, the score was like 6 to 2. When a girl scores, it counts as 2 points, and their girls scored twice. One of our players, Lonnie scored once, so that’s where we got our two points.

It’s hard to be on such a disorganized team. They never really practice, and there are so many players who come and go that you never know who’s going to be there for a certain game. It makes it hard to get going. Sean and I are strictly position players. That is, we aren’t inclined to run all over the field. Instead, we’d rather stay in our positions and support others who are in other positions.

Other players on our team, though, are more of freestylers when it comes to playing. This would be fine with me (I don’t know about Sean. I haven’t asked him), if they’d just talk. No one seems to inform me when they decide to encroach on my position until we end up right next to each other. Give-and-go becomes a little difficult when you’re two feet from the person you’re trying to pass to. Then you both ending up running in the same direction.

However, the guys (and few gals) on the team are a mixture of super-chill and very high-strung players. Some don’t care about winning or losing, and just want to play good soccer (me), and some really are all about strategy and winning (Sean).

I think it would be beneficial if we actually sat down, or got up, rather, and organized our play so we learn how each player moves, cuts the field, passes, runs, etc.

It’s hard to be on a new team because it’s a whole new social dynamic and different team values. However, there seems to be no structure or organization in order for us to sort these things out.

Oh well, soccer’s still fun regardless of whether or not you win (I think).


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