Celebrity double takes

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how many celebrities reside here in good ol’ Hotlanta. My exercise instructor told me she once saw Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner out on a walk with their kids. Lots of rappers live here, too apparently.

I haven’t seen a celebrity walking around the streets of downtown Hotlanta, mainly because I don’t really go down there if I don’t have to. Too many people. Too much traffic. The situation begs for an anxiety attack. Unless of course, Sean’s driving. And then I just get nervous because I told him to take a wrong turn and he’s trying to figure out how to turn around and I’m freaking out about the weird guy approaching our car at a stoplight.

Me: “DRIVE! There’s a guy coming toward us.”
Sean: “I can’t we’re at a red light.”
Me: “He could have a gun!”
Sean: “He looks a little too poor for a gun.”
Light turns green.
Me: “GO!”

You see how this works.

Anyway, there are a few ladies in my Turbo Kick classes, though, that look very similar to celebrities. I mean, I did a few double takes.

The first lady is one of my boxing buddies. Her name is Mary. Now I met Mary long before American Idol’s new season started. That being said, I don’t even really watch American Idol. I usually just catch the 2 minutes before Modern Family comes on, and our TV still happens to be tuned to Fox form watching House the night before. We have a strict TV schedule. We get no more than 1 hour a night. It’s because we have sucky cable. If we had discovery channel, I’d be learning it up every night.

What’s that you say about slugs? I can use that info at work tomorrow.

Back on topic. When I saw the American Idol contestants, I thought to myself, “Pia and Mary are practically the same person. Except Pia’s a little younger.” By the way, even though I never watched the show, I didn’t much care for Pia.

But here’s a glimpse of Mary/Pia.

Hey, Mary, where are your boxing gloves?

The next pseudo-celebrity look-alike in our class is a lady I have never really met, but is apparently Pia/Mary’s neighbor in the RL. She just started coming to Turbo Kick after apparently not coming for a while. A lot of things are ljust becoming apparent to me as I re-read this last few sentences. Oh well.

Anyway. The first time I saw her I resisted the STRONG urge to say, “Have you ever seen Inception?” She looks almost identical to Marion Cotillard, or Mal. I resisted though, because I tend to look like a weirdo in those situations.

Nice Turbo moves, Marion.

There’s also a lady in my class who looks like Christine Baranski, but more like the Whoville version of her, Martha May Whovier.

Who knew Atlanta was to chock-full-o-celebrities and their look-alikes?


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