Today at the law firm

I was recently assigned the job of being the “task master” at my job. It wasn’t glorious, and I could see the disgust on the faces of my coworkers as my boss announced it.”I’ll be sending Carolyn around to make sure you are getting all the things on your lists done.” That’s right. I’ll send the person who knows the least about what we do to make sure you’re all doing it.

Then it became a funny joke. Carolyn walking around with a cattle prod, zapping negligent slackers. Carolyn riding a Segway around the office with a clipboard and an airhorn, deafening those who do not complete things by deadline.

Imagine that.

But also, I was given a huge list of tasks to complete. Of course, the meeting in which these tasks were assigned lasted until 12:30 (and I thought I was going to die of starvation at that point in my life. Need. Food. Promptly at 12:00!).

I worked all throughout the rest of the day, though. And it was marvelous. I felt like part of the team, completing all the tasks on my list. Emailing and calling people for important things, getting replies from my coworkers like I’m someone they like and not just someone who tells long and boring stories.

It feels nice to actually do work. Not just sit around asking/waiting for assignments.


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