Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 – Week 4 Review

I just finished day 2 of the final week of Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30.” First let me say that week 4 is totally wicked.

It’s hard! It’s fast-moving. It’s everything you want in a good 20-minute workout. There’s less time to transition, and sometimes no transition time. You just go!

I felt like I was being challenged a lot more in this one. There were even some moves that I just couldn’t keep up with the exercisers, even the beginner version. Or, since we’re in week 4 and there are no beginners, the less advanced version.

For example, tricep pushups are like regular pushups except for your hands are under your shoulders and your elbows stay narrow into your waist. Essentially, as you go down, your arms graze your sides.After about 4, I was slowing w..a…….y down.

All this being said, I’m totally a Jillian Michaels convert. I never really disliked her before, but I didn’t really know a lot about her, either. I’d just seen a few videos online of her yelling at fat people while the fat people struggle. But I’d also seen a show where she tries to convert an entire town of American Indians into eating healthier and treating themselves better.

What can I say? I like her.

What really got me was the speech she gives at the end of week 4. She has you lie down (not a far stretch from the abs exercise you just got done doing), in a relaxation pose, and she just chats with you.

Her speech is pretty inspiring. She tells you that there’s only one you, and you were brought to the planet just to be you. “Everyone else is taken,” she says. So your only responsibility is to be yourself. Why not be the best self you can? She tells you that you have to stop putting everyone else before yourself–your family, friends, coworkers. You need to love you before you can love them.

A girl after my own heart. Preach it, Jillian. I can’t wait for the next hardcore Jillian Michaels DVD to come out. I have a girl crush on her.

I’ll post a “final results” sort of post once I complete week 4, the whole 30-days!

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