Nothing sort of day

I have done nothing at work today. I mean, I printed a set of pictures for a filing, but other than that, I’ve been browsing the web. And I haven’t even been productively browsing the web. You know, when you read interesting news/whatever articles. Nothing informative. Mostly gossip and CNN stuff. Waste of day. Waste of time.

And for some reason, I’m exhausted from it.

I mean, the thought of going to boxing tonight is not even appealing. I want to go home. Eat dinner, read and go straight to bed.

How is it that a day of nothing breeds a want of a night of nothing? I should be bounding with energy, right? I mean, I’ve not used any today.

Hey, guys!

Maybe it’s just my work environment and as soon as I step foot outside the door of my work office, I’ll be ready and a-raring to go. But right now, I feel like a slug.

That was the cutest slug I could find.

Anyway, speaking of reading when I get home. I’ve stopped trying to whack away at Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers. It’s just really hard to read in the format I’ve got it in.

Ok, so one day at work, I was feeling a little resentful and I printed off two entire books from Project Gutenberg. However, the way I bound them makes them impossible to read. Also, it’s hard to lug a 300+ page print job to bed every night.

On Easter Sunday, I spent the morning cruising around looking for an open book store (I’m sure God understands). When I finally found one, I spent way more than I should have on books I didn’t really need. Oh, and I also got into a nerdy lit conversation with the cute old man at the customer service counter. They didn’t, however, have a bound copy of Sons and Lovers.

BUT! I got the third and final book in a collection by Sarah Dunant. It’s called In the Company of the Courtesan and is a part of her Renaissance historical fiction collection about women in the 1500s. I first read The Birth of Venus while on a break at college. I got the book one summer at a yard sale. It was excellent. The weaving of history with fictional elements is fascinating and very well-done.

I bought Sacred Hearts while in college and read it after I graduated and while I was babysitting. It was a different story, and a different perspective, but a great one nonetheless.

So I was super excited to find this third book in the collection (it’s not a series, they’re all different stories about different women, in different places, at different times). I’m already about halfway through, and I just bought it on Sunday!

I’ll make sure to post a review when I’m done! Ok, off to “work” now.


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