Purple Haze – A Victory

You read that title correctly. Our soccer team finally won a game last night! As Sean said after we got home, “Third time’s the charm.” We even won playing the first half down a person, because there was only one girl: me. Sean and I also got team jersey’s last night, so we looked like a real team! Not just people in random shirts that may be purple or some variation of a darker color.

The other team, even though they outnumbered us, was really rough. The referee also seemed to favor them. I know every team says that, but it was pretty obvious even to people on the sideline. Sean got called for jumping up to head the ball. Meanwhile, the 200+ pound guys that had no reservations knocking me to the ground and stomping on my feet never got a call. Because it’s all clean when your opponent is 100 pounds lighter than you.

Most of the time I’m ok with getting roughed up on the field. I understand that it comes with the game. But when it comes to things like elbowing me in the back or tripping/knocking me down from behind, come on, Ref!

Oh well, it was still fun even though my big toe is purple and hurting! I love soccer!


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