Stitch is troubled. He needs desserts!

Name that movie.

Well, it would help if I found quotes from Lilo & Stitch that didn’t contain the words, “Lilo” or “Stitch.”

Anyway, last night I was eating some ice cream, my worst vice. Ok, Sean might disagree and say I do worse things. Like leave my shoes wherever I take them off (our apartment is small enough, I’ll find them), or refuse to rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher… But anyway.

I like to scrape the cream out of Oreo cookies (because, ew, it’s gross), and crush up the chocolate cookie then put a few scoops of vanilla ice cream over it. It’s my own homemade Marble Slab cookies and cream. Delicious! On nom nom.

But the point is… ever since I was young I’ve eaten ice cream out of a coffee mug. I didn’t know people did otherwise. I thought that was the was ice cream was eaten. Of course, I knew about cones and whatnot from the ice cream shops. But whenever we ate ice cream at home, we ate it out of cups.

That is, until sleepovers became a regular part of my girlhood regime.

Then I saw that other families ate ice cream in BOWLS. What? You could fit so much more ice cream in a bowl than in a mug (in case you weren’t aware).

So the next time my mom said we could have dessert (I live for dessert), I told my mom that I would have it in a bowl as opposed to a mug. Mom was not fooled.

“Oh, really? I think a cup of ice cream is plenty.”

“Mom. They eat ice cream in a bowl at (insert friend’t name)’s house.”

“Do they now?”

“Yes. So I know you get more.”

So she scooped me a bowl of ice cream. A bowl brimming with frozen creamy heaven. This is perfect, I told myself. I sidled up to my bowl of goodness and dug in.

And about halfway through I felt a pang of brain freeze and a gurgle of stomach pain. Each bite took longer and longer as my tongue began to get numb and the ice cream started to lose taste.

It took me so long to get 3/4 of the way through, that by the time I did the remainder was warm, melted cream slop. I told my mom I was finished, that I had pushed through as far as I could, that the ice cream didn’t taste good and wasn’t even ice cream anymore, just yucky blechiness, and she laughed.

“That’s why we eat ice cream in cups.”

Mugs for all! To this day I still eat my ice cream in mugs.


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