Lots of events

I’ve seen millions of posts on Facebook and in the comments sections on news websites this morning about how angry people are that American journalists and news organizations are covering the royal wedding.

And I just don’t understand why people are so upset about the media coverage of the wedding. I do get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (ha ha, pun intended). However, it is a historical event, and therefore media outlets are required to be there. Think about American traditions like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Do we stop media from covering that because it’s not as serious?

Yes, there are wars going on all over the world. Yes, there are political uprisings. Yes, there is devastation across the United States right now.

But are we so wrapped up in being angry and mean and sad that we can’t find a little joy in such a happy occasion.

If not, let me tell you about something one of the news commentators said as they royal wedding party was headed back to Buckingham Palace. Regardless of whether royal dignitaries are currently unfriendly with one another, regardless of whether one is doing something that the other doesn’t approve of, they are still brought together at the same table for this wedding. They put aside their differences until after this day, in order to celebrate love.

We should not be mad that the world is watching a wedding instead of the countless images of tornadoes or bombings, because I am fairly certain that those people and families who survive and whose houses and businesses may be destroyed would say that though they may not have much right now, they at least have love.

Maybe people just want a dose of happiness before they go back to dealing with bigger issues.

So stop complaining and go make a difference. Being mad doesn’t do anything but make you look like an angry person. And what people in need actually need right now is people of action, not people of angry words.

For those of you who are cranky about it, though, I believe this little bridesmaid shares your sentiments.


In other important news, my birthday is tomorrow! Hoorah! I’ll be a whole 23 years old. Sean and I are planning on making an angel food cake (that’s about as cake-y as I can get) and going to visit Blue Ridge, GA tomorrow.

The town whose wonders include the awesome Mercier apple orchard in Ellijay. I am most excited about eating apple fritters and buying apple-products (actual apple-filled goods, not the technology company). I can finally stock up on apple butter again! Hoorah!

In case you guys didn’t read my other post, I love birthdays in general! So, let’s all quit being cranky and celebrate (either the royal wedding or my birthday, your choice)!


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