Birthday update

Yesterday was mega-fun. Sean and I got up WAY early (thanks to Mitten Head) and headed up to Blue Ridge, Georgia to eat some appley goodness and browse the shops! Here are some pictures from the trip.

The Mitten is sitting on my computer, refusing to let me get directions. “You may not go unless you take me,” she says. Sorry, Mitten Head.

Arriving at the orchard. Yay! Apple everything! (except actual apples, because they aren’t in season during my birthday!)

A view of the apple trees, doing their appley thing! Hoorah!

Our delicious apple fritter (we bought 4 more on the way out, and ate one in the car on the way to downtown Blue Ridge… yum!).

The following are items you can buy at the orchard:

I would not pay for pain… Unless it was in the form of a workout. That’s good pain. This doesn’t look good.

I need one of these for any garden I will have.

Chocolate covered bacon. I didn’t but this, but the jury’s out on how I feel about it. Pork. Ew.

You could also buy cider made from specific apples. Pink Ladies are my favorite apples. I bet this cider is yummy.

After the orchard, we went to downtown Blue Ridge to browse the shops.

Here’s an old train car that’d been graffitied.

Apparently, the artist’s tag is “Meat.”

Also, this is a chicken we saw… crossing lots of roads.

Overall it was a good birthday.

After we got back from Blue Ridge and took a nap, we went out to this great pizza place called Fellini’s with our friends Deb and Lee. It was delicious! We know what’s for lunch today! Leftover pizza!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It was fun!


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