Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 – Final review

Sunday was my final workout of the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 series. It was the last day of week 4. The final week was most definitely the hardest. It was challenging enough to make me want to continue using the series as a strength-building workout.

I read reviews online before I bought it, and a lot of people had purchased it and really liked it. They also said they still go back to it as one of their favorite workouts in their DVD workout repertoire. I can honestly say the same for myself now. I want to coninually use it to build up to being able to do the whole thing, all the way through, every exercise on advanced.

I think it’s a pretty good goal.

It’s also nice to not have to drive miles down the road to get crowded into a YMCA exercise room with tons of other people. It’s nice to have the conversation and the breaks in between exercises, but I just like being able to push myself or slack off how I feel without people around to witness it. (I’ll still be going to the YMCA for Turbo Kick).

Also, in retrospect, I cans see how Jillian Michaels formulated each week to work up to the next and build upon the last. I never felt exceptionally sore, but I always felt like I worked hard.

What I liked most was the 3-2-1 system Jillian created. You start with three minutes of strength (3 exercises, 30 seconds each, repeat once). The move on to two minutes of cardio (2 moves, 30 seconds each, repeat once). And finally you end each segment with 1 minute of abs (2 moves, 30 seconds each; or sometimes 1 complicated move for one minute).

These short bursts keep things constantly moving so you don’t even have a chance to quit on yourself. When I started feeling tired, I’d think, “I have one 3-2-1 segment left. I can push through this.” And it would be that much easier.

Also, as the series went on, I grew to like Jillian Michaels more and more. While she can seem annoying with her weird catch-phrases, the truth is that she seems to actually care about making people’s lives better. As I mentioned in my last weekly review, she gives you a speech at the end of week 4 that’s all about being the best “you” you can, and taking time to love yourself. She also says that you have to stop faking through life and show up. I’ll admit, I teared up the first time I heard her because she hit home for me.

Overall, I think it’s a great workout DVD. It’s challenging, but can be made to suit your needs.

As far as physical results I’d say my biceps are more defined. My shoulders are most definitely slimmer and more muscular. Sean says my abs are by far better than his. And I feel like there’s more definition in my calves now, too.

It’s not too noticeable for me. And I’m sure if you follow the diet plan she tells you about, you’ll see even better results.

So, in a few word: I totally recommend this workout DVD.


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