Family photographs

Every year my mom made us dress up and get ourselves together for a family photo. It was usually around Christmas, but sometimes also occurred near Easter. We’d use these photos for whatever for the year. There’d always be corny poses like hand on shoulders, or whatever, but I’d like to say that we’re such a good looking family that it didn’t matter. We were all pretty natural under the scrutiny of the camera. The other thing is that my aunt would always take the photos. And our family (aunts, uncles, grandparents) would be having their photos taken too.

When I was younger and even until when I was in college. I thought these photo shoots were a big hassle. I had to wear makeup, do my hair, sit under hot lights, smile even though I had the biggest attitude on the planet. When I went to college, it was such a hassle to get back home in order for these to be taken. Or so it seemed at the time. I would tell my mom I just couldn’t make it. She’d beg. I’d act like it was a big deal to come.

Why was I such a jerk? Now I wish I’d just gone the 45 minutes home, put myself through the 30 minutes of getting ready it would have taken, and gotten the damn pictures over with. Because now, I really wish I’d had more time with my family.

College seemed like such a great escape, and I was really ready to grow up and expand my mind. Now I’ll never get the time back that I missed with my family. The year before I graduated we all got together to have Christmas/fall photos taken. I still like those pictures.

And I miss my family.


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