Personal Training with Jackie – Power Circuit Training – Lower Body and Abs

A few people have informed me via Facebook that Jackie Warner, the face of my new set of workout DVDs, has a popular show about her gym on the Bravo channel. A channel I don’t get because we’re too cheap for good cable. Sigh.

Anyway, I may have been too hasty in claiming that I don’t like her. While she’s not Jillian, she’s still a person who has benefited from my Amazon tendencies, and so I should give her more chances.

I did the lower body and abs section of her Power Circuit Training DVD which has lots of workout options. You can choose from the following:

  • 40 minute total body
  • 15 minute total body
  • 15 minute abs
  • 15 minute upper body
  • 15 minute lower body

There are lots of ways to mix and match how you work out. You could do the 40 minute total body, just one or two sections, 15 minutes each of abs, upper, and lower. Or you could go all out and do all the 15 minute sections for an hour-long butt-whooping.

Since becoming a Jillian Michaels convert, I’ve “Liked” her on Facebook. She offers great tidbits each day, from information on how to get state-sponsored insurance for the children of low-income families, to how to help tornado victims as well as life and fitness tips.

Today she posted this tidbit:

Smart Tip: Exercise is the architect & recovery is the builder. Your muscles need adequate recovery time to get stronger & leaner so make sure you get enough rest. Train each muscle group no more than twice a week & shoot to give your muscles 2 days of rest in between training sessions. So if you train chest on Monday don’t hit it again until Thursday. This regimen allows you to maximize results while avoiding injury.

I decided that’s probably why I wasn’t getting results when I was working my butt off every day at the YMCA in multiple exercise classes. Once I took a break and started “Ripped in 30,” I got over my plateau.

So, taking Jillian’s advice, I decided to just work two parts of the body tonight: lower body and abs.

Jackie does a similar set up to Jillians within her body-part-specific workouts. You do three exercises for 1 minute each, and then there’s a segment called “Power Burn” where you do all three exercises in quick succession for the final minute.

Now that I’ve gotten used to it, the 4-minute segment seems to go a lot quicker than Jillian’s 6-minute segments even though I’m holding single exercises for 1 minute (not thirty seconds). If you don’t understand that, reference this post or this post.

After the lower body workout, my legs were definitely feeling it, and I’m afraid what’ll happen tonight at boxing. I’ll really be feeling the burn by tomorrow.

I’m liking Jackie’s workout DVDs a lot more, so far. I’ve still go to try the Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs, so we’ll see. I miss Jillian, though.


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