Mother’s Day or Mothers’ Day

Everywhere I look I see Mother’s Day being blasted all over the internet. What to get your mom for Mother’s Day. Perfect Mother’s Day brunch recipes. Last minute Mother’s day gift ideas. Etc.

I am fine with this. I know why I celebrate Mother’s Day, as opposed to Cinco de Mayo.

What gets me is the punctuation. You see, in the world of apostrophes, -‘s- implies a singular person possessing something, while -s’- implies multiple people possessing something. Examples:

  • The cat’s tail was fluffy. [one cat has one tail, and it’s fluffily]
  • The cats’ tails were long. [more than one cat has more than one tail; those tails are longer than average]
See the difference. What I don’t get is the singular possessive form of “mother” in Mother’s Day. Does Mother’s Day belong to only one Mother? Some people have more than one. Some people are raised by two mothers. Some have step mothers. Also,  the world contains more than one mother.
So is Mother’s Day singular because it’s only meant for your mother. I mean, if you only have one, you are only really celebrating her, right? But, then again, your mother’s mother is a mother, too. Shouldn’t you thank your grandmother for making your mom so awesome, too?
In an effort to be inclusive, I’ve decided to forever punctuate the the holiday as such, “Mothers’ Day.” Because we need to celebrate all mothers. Their jobs are way harder than you could ever imagine.
That being said, my mommy is coming down to good old Georgia for the weekend to visit me. We’ll eat yummy food, swim, and she may even help me plant things (because she know how to do this better than I do). Also she will cut off my mullet.
Hooray for my mommy on Mothers’ Day! And hooray for yours, too!

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