Weekend Update

I haven’t really been keeping up with the internet this weekend mostly because it was Mothers’ Day weekend, and my mommy came down to Atlanta to visit.

She got here Saturday afternoon, and in order to avoid Sunday brunch traffic in all the restaurants, we took her out to dinner as soon as she arrived. It also gave me a chance to try a sushi restaurant near our apartment called Tomo. Mom really liked it, but they didn’t really have anything I liked. Also, it was pretty expensive for sushi for three people.

After that we came home and chilled out, sitting by the river and chatting while Sean went to go see the new Thor movie. After that, it was bedtime.

Sunday, we got up and had a big yummy breakfast bacon (real and turkey!), eggs, cinnamon toast, hash browns, and fruit. Yum! I could eat breakfast like that everyday! As per my family’s Mothers’ Day tradition, we all went to Lowe’s and my mommy bought flowers for us to plant on my porch. I now have the most beautiful porch of all. Usually, we help mom plant flowers for her porch, but this year, we decorated mine!

After that, mom and I went to the pool at my apartment and read our books and laid out in the sun like lizards (don’t worry, there was sunblock). Mom tried to get in the water once, but the pool was pretty chilly. After that we all took a much-needed nap.

Then I made a tasty dinner: Lemon pepper cod filets, french green beans, and corn on the cob. For dessert we had strawberry-lime ice. Yum.

Then we went and sat by the river again. Oh the river here is so nice! I live at  luxury resort by the river! Not really, but it feels like it sometimes.

My mom headed back to Tennessee today, and Sean and I took the day off before he leaves tomorrow. That’s right, tomorrow’s D-Day for Sean and Mitten Head. They’re on their way to Kentucky to get the Mitten’s teeth removed. Poor baby cat.

So Sean and I spent the day together. We went to the Georgia Aquarium and saw lots of awesome fish and aquatic animals. Whale sharks! River and sea otters! Beluga whales! Hooray!

I’ll get some pictures of m mini-garden and put them up ASAP! I hope everyone’s Mothers’ Day weekend was nice and relaxing!

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