Waity Katie

Work is going extra slow today. I mean, my boss is at a conference in Las Vegas. One of my coworkers has a sister in labor, and the other two are pretty self-contained in their offices (like pickles in a jar). I have no current assignments and have spent the last two days browsing the internet for infinite sources of knowledge.

On days like this I like to go to a blog I regularly read and click the links to blogs they regularly read. See how this can turn into a chain event. Eventually I am 25 blogs in and have managed to waste 2 hours. During my blog roaming, I’ve found a common element in a lot of married women’s blogs: the “how we met” and “our wedding” sections. There they give you all the details of planning their weddings–cakes, caterers, shoes–which is fine. That’s not my point.

The point is that within about 10 minutes of each other I read two really interesting opinions.

The first one said that if you date someone for 2+ years without a proposal, you should promptly dump that person and move on. I don’t remember the exact URL or quote, but it went a little something like this, “Your significant other should propose within a year or two. If he doesn’t, move on. You don’t have another year to waste. You’re born with all the eggs you’ll ever have.”

This sentiment made me cringe for many reasons. 1. You can have a successful relationship that doesn’t involve an expensive party and a piece of legal paper. 2. Is the whole point of marriage to have kids? 3. There are plenty of people who never get married but make a lifetime commitment to one another that lasts. Cue: Entire gay community. Get on it, civil rights.

Ok that last part also wasn’t the point.

I managed to get over myself and move on to reading bazillions of other blogs until I came across a link to Cosmopolitan. Not my typical reading material, but the title caught my attention: In Praise of the 29-Year-Old Bride.

The article commends Kate Middleton for waiting until she is almost 30 to get married. Meanwhile, the media made up mean nicknames for her like, “Waity Katie,” criticizing her for her eight-year relationship with Prince William with no proposal in sight.

The author of the article mentions that people generally know what they want later in life, and that marriages between those in their later 20s are statistically known to last longer than marriages between people in their early-20s.

I think maybe Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge teaches young women a lesson in growing up, pursuing your own career, and not making yourself morph into your significant other.

For once, I think Cosmopolitan has a point. Also, Waity Katie had her eye on the prize. I mean, an eight-year wait for a royal title seems like nothing compared to a lifetime of awesomeness, right?


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