Things I do when you’re not home

Sean and the Mitten are in Kentucky for the week (Tuesday-Friday) to get the Mitten’s teeth removed. And while I miss Sean and especially miss my baby cat, it’s been nice to have the apartment (which, by the way, seems really big with just me) to myself.

And while I’ve been hanging out with me, I’ve noticed I do things a little differently.

  • I’ve gone to bed later. Maybe it’s because I know I won’t have to struggle to fall asleep with Sean wiggling around getting comfortable. When I’m by myself, I have the whole bed… still and unmoving.
  • I eat more. Let’s use yesterday as an example. I got home from work, had a snack while I made myself dinner (usually Sean’d be home before me and either already making dinner, or making it while I worked out). When dinner was ready, I ate it. And then since there was nothing else to do and no one to talk to, I went ahead and had dessert. I figured I’d burn it off boxing anyway. Then I get home from boxing and think, “I need a sweet.” So I had a bowl of cereal. Of Sean’s cereal. 🙂 Mine was out!
  • I talk to myself. It’s much quieter with no Sean and no Mitten. And when I have sudden thoughts or ideas, I blurt them out to no one in particular.
  • I watch more TV and browse the internet more. There’s no one to go on a walk with, no one to chase the laser dot down the hallway. No fuzzy heating pads to sit in my lap and knead my stomach. Guess I’ll check…
While it’s nice to have the apartment to myself in some ways (I can open the porch doors and let the air in!), it’s nice to have a little family with you in others. I definitely miss Sean and Lyra. I’ll be glad when they make it home tomorrow!

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