Saturday, Schmaterday

I woke up at 6:00 this morning. Why is it that when it’s the weekend I don’t mind getting up early? But during the work week I dread the 6:00 alarm. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to get as much weekend as I can, and on work days I’m trying to get as little work as I can. Le sigh.

Anyway, I was going to work out before Sean got up. The Mitten got up with me, and as I was going to check my email and get accustomed to being alive and not unconsciously asleep, I noticed the cat acting really weird. She kept going to the litter box, trying to use it, and then coming over to me and meowing. She couldn’t go to the bathroom, poor thing.

After about an hour of observing her and trying to comfort her, I woke Sean up. He called his uncle, the vet, who just completed her mouth surgery. I thought she was constipated, and Sean thought she had a UTI. We took her to our vet as soon as they opened and, lo and behold, Sean was right.

Apparently, our UTI-prone cat held her pee all the way up to Kentucky and all the way back, which resulted in a build-up of bacteria in her poor little Mitten bladder. The doctor put her on another antibiotic and said she should feel better in 24-48 hours. Poor baby! I want her to feel better right away.

I even started crying before we went to the vet. It was slightly ridiculous, and I partially blame my tiredness for it. But I just feel like the people at the vet see us SO often, and I mean, super often, that I’m afraid they’ll think we’re bad cat parents. That, and I just wanted my poor cat–who had just been through a crappy eight hour car ride, only to be taken to the vet (her least favorite place) and wake up with her teeth ripped out, and then be stuck in the car for another eight hours on the way home–to just be ok.

When we got home (and after I paid the $150 bill, sigh), we gave her some medicine and went grocery shopping. By the time we got back, she seemed to feel a lot better. At least she was not as uncomfortable.

After that, Sean and I went to the see movie Bridesmaids. It was really pretty good. It was hilarious, actually. I really like Kristen Wiig as an actress. She was in the movie Paul too, and was quite hilarious. She is on SNL and is more of an improv actor, and that background made her seem like a real person. I mean, you know how when Tom Cruise acts you know it’s Tom Cruise acting? With Kristen Wiig, it seems like she’s just being herself on screen. As if what she says is what she would actually say if she were in that situation.

I loved it. It’s like the female answer to The Hangover. I recommend it to anyone looking for a bunch of great belly laughs. Yes, I was one of those loud-late laughers in this one, too.

After the movie, Sean and I stopped by Old Navy which is in the same complex as the movie theater that’s five minutes from our apartment (convenient!). I realize every summer my lack of real shorts. It seems like working at the YMCA or at an office job each summer in college has somehow allowed me to get away with not owning a pair of shorts that doesn’t have built-in underwear. That is to say, I own all athletic shorts. So I reluctantly spent $50 on three pairs of short at Old Navy (not too bad, if I do say so myself).

The thing about buying shorts is that they are always WAY too short for me. If you’re a girl with larger than toothpick legs, short-shorts kind of make you look like a hoochy, that or white trash. That is purely my opinion, and I am happy to keep it to myself in public situations. But right now you guys are in my brain. Old Navy had a pretty good selection of non-shorty shorts. Maybe I’m just too self-conscious about my soccer legs. All muscle, that’s what I tell myself.

After our shopping adventure, Sean and I came home to check on the Mitten and then went to Trader Joe’s. I love TJ’s. We usually buy our meat there, and I get a chocolate bar for myself every weekend. But this time, I also got some ice cream (and chocolate cats!). When we went to check out the cashier said TJ’s had the best ice cream, and then directed me to the back of the store for a frozen chocolate-covered banana sample. Yum. Delicious. Then I came home and had cinnamon-raisin bread and a few spoonfuls of ice cream for lunch. I’m an adult I promise.

I set Mitten's favorite blanket by the window so she'd be happy while we were at the movie. Yes, I spoil my cat.

Mitten is also feeling better and more calm now. I’m glad everything is in order here. Maybe I’ll sit by the pool tomorrow. My little family is as it should be now. Happy sigh.


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