Saturday thoughts

So the predicted rapture came and went and was pretty uneventful. I feel pretty bad for the guy who bet his whole life and all his savings on this event. I understand the need to spread the word when you feel compelled to help people, but once you have a failed prediction like he did once before… Well, you think he’d be a little more cautious this time.

I’m pretty glad the Rapture didn’t happen yet, though, because I had an interview for a copywriter position on Friday, and I think it went really well. While the drive is going to be excruciating (Hello, traffic!) the prospect of getting paid to write and the opportunity to learn TONS-O-NEW STUFF is making me a little too excited.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up about the whole thing, because being let down about something like this is something I’ve gotten used to since moving to Hotlanta. In case you need a reference, check here, here, here, here, and here. You get the picture. But I’m having a really hard time not planning as if I’m already going to get it.

I really think that this job would be perfect. I could start building up a portfolio, working in an area I actually studied (I don’t think they give secretarial degrees anymore… nope, they don’t), and work my way up. There’s no way to move up when you’re someone’s secretary/personal assistant. This is (I hope I’m not putting too much emphasis on this particular job) the opportunity for me to really show what I can do. While I am good at correspondence (hardy har har), I can really excel at a copywriting job.

I just hope they give me a chance. The president of the company said she liked my personality, so my fingers are crossed. I hate to openly let everyone know, because it always stinks to have to broadcast when you don’t get something you’ve really wanted.

However, considering my many past rendezvous with rejection, I’m throwing caution to the wind. Wish me luck!


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