Car troubles

This past weekend Sean took his car into the transmission shop to either have them change the transmission oil or to start rebuilding his transmission. Apparently the transmission oil hasn’t been changed since Sean has owned the car (multiple years and a hundred thousand miles). The oil is black and smells burnt, and every place Sean called said, “DON’T CHANGE IT!”

Change that oil, and risk attack from Robo-Mitten! "I've got you pinned," she says.

Apparently there’s something in the oil that would break down the gears in the transmission (or something like that). For a long time, Sean thought his only option would be a costly transmission rebuild. However, the mechanics down at Mr. Transmission said they may be able to just change the oil and cross their fingers.

Sean would rather spend all his time and money on this kitty instead of on his car.

Anyway, the point of this is not to try to convince you to have your transmission oil checked, but to tell you about what happened next. Since Sean’s car was in the shop all weekend and still is, we’ve had to carpool to a lot of places. Sean and I work in the same area, but our differing work schedules would make carpooling every day impossible and tedious to attempt. However, for a few days, it seemed like it’d be ok.

His work is further out than mine, so our plan for Monday was for me to drive us to my work. Then Sean would drop me off, and take my car the following distance to his work. The morning went off with only a small hitch. Sean got all the way out to the highway, and I got all the way to the elevator before remembering my office keys were on the keychain Sean was using to drive my car. He quickly turned around and remedied that situation. And then we were both off to our destinations in the morning.

And Mitten was left home alone to sleep in the sun.

At about 3:30 P.M. I got a text message from Sean that he was on his way out of his work to come pick me up, and hopefully, to pick up his car from Mr. Transmission.

About 10 minutes later I received a text. Sean had left my lights on all day. So my car was dead. So we were out two cars. What luck!

After about 30 minutes Sean found someone to jump my car and was headed to come get me. On our way home, we called Mr. Transmission, but his car wasn’t ready yet. We had to pick it up the next day (today).

All that rush and commotion for nothing.

This morning, since I don’t go in to work until 1:00 P.M., I drove Sean to work, headed the the grocery store and then home to chillax with Mitten Head. Sean has an IT nerd conference in downtown, from which one of his IT friends from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will hopefully take him to pick up his car afterward.

IT guys to the rescue! (theme music)

Whew! While Atlanta is a big city with metro transportation, it’s still difficult to function as two people with just one car. On weekends it’s easy, but on work days, yikes!

Here’s to hoping Sean can get his car this afternoon. If not, I may have to leave work early so we can pick it up before Mr. Transmission closes! Oh, the traffic we’ll encounter!

At least this didn't happen! (crosses fingers)

(side note: Hurry up and send this link to your friends before Sean find out I posted pictures of him and makes me take them down!)


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