What’s that smell?

I just got home from my interview 3/3. I should hear back next week (more on that later). And as soon as I open the door I am met with the most disgusting smell: stagnant water. Gag. It smells like a nasty basement throughout my whole apartment.

I thought it was the garbage disposal at first, because that seemed to be where the smell was creeping out from (from which the smell was creeping out). However, as I passed by the second bathroom, I heard a noise like the water wasn’t turned off in the bathtub.

When I pulled the shower curtain back, no water was coming out, but the sound was still there… behind the wall. Also there was brown-colored water leaking from the edge of the shower/bathtub all down the wall and onto the floor.

I called maintenance and a guy came a looked at it. Then checked out underneath my kitchen cabinet, and then said he’d talk to his supervisor and left. When I checked under the cabinet that he looked in, it had the most concentrated stagnant water smell. Ugh. Gag.

Hopefully the maintenance man and his supervisor get back ASAP. And I hope it doesn’t mold.


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