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This morning has been pretty productive already. Sean and I woke up to the Mitten Head kneading us, begging for breakfast!

Hi. I'm in your face. Noms, please.

We fed her and ourselves and then headed to Sears to get the tires on Sean’s car changed. Goodbye, $700. After that we headed to Whole Foods to buy meat.

Whole Foods has a reputation in Atlanta. Some people like to call it “Whole Paycheck.” The food is super expensive there. I’ve only been once before this to buy a spice that I couldn’t find at any other store in the area. Of course they had it. Of course it was $10.  However, Whole Foods tells you where you food comes from, which is important to me. I’ve been reading up on food production recently, and I’ve even gotten Netflix (more on that later) in order to get more food documentaries. Food, Inc. is in the mail on it’s way to my apartment as we speak.

Anyway, at Whole Foods all their meat packaging has a numbered rating to let you know the environment the animals were raised in. It ranges from 1-5, one being the least humane and 5 being the most humane. We could only find chicken as high as 3 there, which means it was raised in an enriched outdoor environment. You can find more details about the rating system here.

I also found Certified Humane eggs. I know it makes me sound like a sap, but the animals we use for meat are still animals. They shouldn’t be raised in horrific conditions.

Ok, I’m done with my soap-box rant.

Secondly, I was convinced by the people I babysat for last night to get Netflix. Their argument was, you know those adult movies (as in not animated movies… not porn) that you buy and only watch once? Well, just Netflix them. For $10 a month you can watch as many movies as you want. First on the list is Food, Inc. which is on it’s way. Then the whole Planet Earth series! So excited!Soon I’ll be off to kick box with my favorite instructor, and Sean will hopefully be getting the swamp situation figured out with maintenance.


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