Netflix is totally wicked

As I mentioned in my last post, I signed up for Netflix after being convinced by the people whose kids I watched Friday night. Right after I signed up, I headed to choose my queue.

Save the cows!

Right now I’ve got the BBC Planet Earth Documentaries on the way (EXCITING!). But last night Sean and I watched Food, Inc. and Super Size Me. I had seen Super Size Me in college during my freshman year, but Sean had never seen it. We’ve always tried to eat healthy, but now we’re going to try to eat nicely as we can while not turning into vegetarians.

I'm never eating another amonia-soaked cheeseburger again.

On Sunday, we watched Jesus Camp, a documentary about a super-conservative-Christian church that holds a summer camp that “indoctrinates” (a direct quote, not my skewing) children to be “warriors for God.” The lady who runs the camp justifies her actions, which are MOST DEF political, by saying that Muslims in Pakistan and the Middle East are training their children to wield guns and bombs, so she’s training our children to wield the word of God.

Some parts were difficult to watch. Kids were bawling over how guilty they felt for “claiming to be a Christian at church and then acting differently at school.” Welcome to real life, kids. It’s nothing to beat yourself up over. People make mistakes. Toward the end an anti-abortion speaker came to the camp and by the end of his speech, children were crying and screaming, “No more, God! No more!” What a stressful and emotionally taxing thing to put a child through. To each their own, I suppose.

After that, we watched the first episode of a History Channel series, “Ancient Aliens” which attempts to explain ancient feats of awesomeness by saying that aliens helped people accomplish things like flight and the pyramids. The logic of it pretty much goes like this, “Such and such was physically impossible for (insert ancient culture) to do on their own. Therefore, they must have had help from extraterrestrial beings.” The end.

The alien God is watching over the construction of the pyramids. Creepy.

Sean likes it, though, so we’ll continue watching. I’ve spent my Memorial Day weekend exercising my hard-fought right for education. Thanks for that, vets! I’ll update you all on all the cool new things I learn during tonight’s documentary-fest.


2 thoughts on “Netflix is totally wicked

  1. I love Netflix.. Ever since I have had my subscription I find that cable is useless! So I now only have Internet via comcast, and monthly bill 70$ gotta love it.. Also I find alot of the movies are older than me, but with services like Zune & Qriocity I find that the brand new stuff is just a lazy click away on my gaming controller, its lovely!

  2. If you like stuff like that, try Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. Each episode is basically trying to prove the Illuminati exist. History Channel is basically all conspiracy theories, all the time now. Kinda fun, though.

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