Ancient Aliens

So, in my last post, I mentioned that Sean and I have been watching the History Channel series “Ancient Aliens” via our new Netflix subscription. It’s been pretty interesting, overall, to learn people’s historical opinions regarding the technology of ancient peoples.

But the most interesting part of the whole series is this guy:He’s the consulting producer of the whole series. Basically, he’s running the show. But what really gets me, is that each time he shows up, his hair gets crazier and crazier.

I looked him up online afterward we watched episode 2 of “Ancient Aliens” last night, and found some pretty funny stuff.

He’s apparently considered a “real life Indiana Jones” as he goes around the world looking for proof of aliens.

I think he looks more like a crazy Brendan Fraser.

And my personal favorite…

This guy is interesting. Smart. But also hilarious. That hair!


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