It’s supposed to get up to 97° F in Atlanta today. That’s higher than body temperature. It feels like roasting. It’s not comfortable. I sometimes think Atlanta gets so hot because of all the cement, metal, and black top in the city and surrounding area.

This probably sounds ridiculous, but I’m sure there’s got to be some truth to it. I mean, once you get into the perimeter, it’s all roads and buildings. The roads are busy absorbing the heat from the sun and the building are busy reflecting it onto those who aren’t inside.

It’s uncomfortable here, and while I’ve gotten used to it and even come to enjoy some aspects of living in Atlanta. I sure do miss the Great Smoky Mountains.

How can you not miss this?

I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I hiked these mountains. 😦 

I can’t remember the last time I felt like I breathed in the trees and the dirt. Or sat in front of a waterfall in silent awe. Or listened to the wind make it’s way closer to me through the leaves.

I can’t remember the last time I felt grateful for how close I was to nature, for how green everything was, and for undisturbed life.

And I miss it like a child misses a recently passed relative. I yearn for it like two lovers separated by vast distances yearn for each other. I want to drink it up. I want to climb inside it. I want to immerse myself in its ataraxia.

I need a trip to the mountains.


2 thoughts on “97°

  1. actually, Atlanta “proper” doesn’t have anything like nature anymore. the best bet i can think of off the top of my head is Stone Mountain, about an hour away. (roughly, pending on traffic) if you go to the top of the tallest buildings and look out a window, you can see “nature” miles off in the distance… and now you’ve got me missing the Smokies more than ever! seeing those pictures hurt!
    and as for the city being hotter due to all the concrete and blacktop – it’s true. it’s more evident in the winter, but there is always as much as a ten degree difference between a city and more rural areas. anybody that rides a motorcycle can tell you all about that. though i’d question calling 97 all that hot. Macon tends to get much hotter. hotter even than down here in Florida. (we’re in the 90s here as well, mid to high 90s all this week)
    my fiance and i are planning on having our honeymoon up there later this summer. i hope you can get your trip in soon!

  2. Jeez, Caro. Does nature not exist in Atlanta? Are there no trees, no flowers, no streams to sit by? I think there are if you look. You don’t live downtown, do you? Even still, there are parks and such. My advice: take solace in your “domestic partnership” and enjoy the life around you.

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