A love story

I’ve gushed before about all things Trader Joe’s that I absolutely love. Their chocolatey cats (for people) and chocolate bars. Yum! Well, we went again tonight and got some more yummy stuff.

Have I ever told you about my addiction? I’m not proud of it, but it’s something I’ve got to face head-on (apply directly to the forehead). I will kill someone over salsa. If there were a salsa race where the winner got a lifetime supply of restaurant style salsa, I would sabotage the other contestants’ chances at even showing up.

I found an excellent recipe of restaurant style salsa a while ago from The Pioneer Woman, and I made multiple batches of it. The first batch was amazing and we gulped it down in a few days.  After that, each batch got progressively worse. I was unable to craft the same concoction that I had the first time, and I haven’t made any more since then. But it’s summer which means it’s salsa time.

Enter Trader Joe’s Double Roasted Salsa and Blue Corn Chips. My love affair with salsa has begun again (don’t tell Sean).

Sorry it's so blurry, I was trying to eat and photograph at the same time.

In fact, when we got home from TJ’s, I immediately opened the jar and bag of chip and pigged out. I mean. I ate half the jar of salsa just standing there. It’s like once I have one bite I cannot eat it all fast enough. Oh em gah! Drool.

This is a foodgasm and a half.

I cannot seem to control myself around salsa.

Another blurry shot, but this is the damage I did in about 10 minutes.

These chips are also magnificent. And I ate half of them as well. Oops!

Halfway gone.

Not only did I dig into TJ’s awesome chips and salsa, but I partook of their deliciously creamy ice cream. It’s about a million calories per spoonful, but it’s because it’s made with all real ingredients and heaven. Heaven is high in calories.

Once you have a single spoonful, you'll be an addict like I am.

I also managed to sneak a chocolate bar into the cart before we left. Can’t wait to dig into that later.

Also made of heaven.

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