Gotta get down on Friday

It’s Friday! You all know what that means? It means today is slowly inching by one decade-long second at a time. Come. On. 4:00! That’s right I get to leave at 4:00. Know why? Only because I got here at 7:00. That’s 9 hours, y’all. Someone save me.

Sean and I were debating all week whether we should go up to Tennessee for the weekend to hike (because I’ve been craving one like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream) and to see the synchronous fireflies. However, it kept getting closer and closer to today, and we hadn’t decided what to do with the cat or about my porch garden. So this morning when Mitten Head jumped on my stomach to purr in my face at 5:00, I decided we weren’t going to go. Getting out of Hotlanta at 4:30 on a Friday was going to be a stressful event in itself.

So now we’re allowed to just hang out and enjoy the weekend.

I’ve already got some exciting plans that include reading by the pool and perhaps looking at 1 bedroom apartments within the same apartment community that we live in. I love living here by the river.

I’ve got some news for you guys, but I think I’ll let it simmer over the weekend. I hope everyone else’s Friday is going a lot faster than mine.

25 Things Before 25 *Update*

I crossed the first thing off my 25 Things Before 25 list! Check it out.


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