Updates and recaps

The leaking that was plaguing our apartment, if you remember, is still occurring. In fact, it’s going quite strong. It’s started to leak water from under the cabinets and even from the electrical socket in our kitchen… Very safe. They keep shorting out because water’s getting into the socket.

I’ve taken pictures. It’s ridiculous. We’ve called maintenance three times. They came by to look at it once. Then they brought a dehumidifier because there was no active leak, so there was nothing they could do. Because it “wasn’t leaking.” Say that to the swamp water stains that are seeping out from under the electrical socket and cabinets.

Also, accompanying it is the magnificent smell of stagnant swamp water. This smell still has not left the apartment. We went to the grocery store yesterday and came back to a house that made me gag. Sean even lit a candle, which is something Sean never does.

The dehumidifier sounds like a jet engine in our kitchen, is what I imagine to be the size of one, and pumps out enough heat to be one which means many things. 1. I do not sleep. 2. The mere presence of the dehumidifier annoys me. 3. It gets in the freakin’ way. 4. Our apartment is a constant 90°. 5 Our electric bill is going to be enormous this month from a constantly-running, jet-engine loud, hot dehumidifier.

The other thing that really gets my goat is that the leak is continuing somewhere behind a wall, obviously, so there’s no point in the dehumidifier since the source of the water hasn’t been stopped from leaking.

It’s a giant circle of stupidity where the maintenance people are letting a bad problem get worse.

After that continuing fiasco, Sean and I went to the leasing lodge at our apartment complex. Our lease is up in August, and we wanted to see about moving into a smaller and (hopefully) less expensive apartment. Except for that we discovered that apartment prices apparently went up a few zillion dollars over the past couple months. When we get our renewal notice, we’ll discover that our two-bedroom apartment will most likely go up a few hundred dollars and a one-bedroom apartment will cost us more than our two-bedroom currently costs us.

We’ll be paying more money for less space next year.


After that we spent the weekend swimming and baking and watching Planet Earth, which finally came in the mail! Yippee!

We made waffles last night and packaged them up in freezer bags so that we could have homemade waffles for breakfast this week without all the trouble in the morning. At least one thing went right.

I’ll post pictures with this later.


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