Are any of you keeping up with the Casey Anthony trial for the murder of her little two-year-old daughter, Caylee? It’s all-in-all pretty ridiculous.

The basics of the story go a little like this, from what I understand. The little girl went missing June 16, 2008 but wasn’t reported missing by her mother until about a month later. Meanwhile, Casey Anthony had been telling people that her daughter, Caylee, was off on field trips or with a nanny.

Finally, Casey Anthony’s mother, Caylee’s grandmother called the police because she hadn’t seen her granddaughter in a month. They found the little girl’s very decomposed body in December 2008 near the Anthony households.

Her body was badly decomposed (because it had been there for 6 months probably) with duct tape over her mouth.

Casey Anthony claimed her daughter was taken by the nanny, someone the courtroom later found out did not exist. And the people Casey claimed to have taken her daughter to see during the one-month non-reported missing period also did not exist.

They found traces of duct tape and chloroform, and air samples of what can only be described as decomposing body in her car.

Casey Anthony’s defense is claiming that Casey is a troubled and broken woman who is used to living in deceit and lies. They claim she was sexually molested as a child and learned to just lie and pretend everything was fine. That has carried on into her adult life. The defense says her daughter drowned in an accident in the family pool, and Casey Anthony’s been trying to cover it up to avoid seeming like a negligent mother.

However, after that claim, all the defense has been trying to do is weaken the prosecution’s arguments. They pretty much have nothing. In fact, they claim that the man who found Caylee’s remains placed them there for the reward. Stretch, perhaps?

Working in law for a little while, I find this case a lot more interesting, and I am understanding it more than I would if I didn’t work at the law firm I do now.

The whole process of law is very tedious and time-consuming. I mean, Casey Anthony was arrested in 2008 and her trial is just now in it’s second week, in June of 2011.

You can watch videos of the trial and read more of the details of the case on CNN.com.


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