Casey Anthony murder trial

I know I posted about this once before, but this case really has me sucked in. It’s like watching a movie, except for the nagging guilt I feel about the little girl who died for this situation to play out.

Nancy Grace is all up on this. She has people reporting directly from trial and is implying that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee, and that the trial is just a circus for the defense in trying to prove otherwise. And while I find Nancy Grace a little overbearing sometimes, I can’t help but feel the same way she does as this trial progresses.

Here’s what happened yesterday:

Apparently Casey Anthony got sick at the pictures of the skull and the trial ended an hour and a half early yesterday, and they don’t know if she’ll be able to come back today to resume the trial. What a bunch of bull! This has to be false drama. The judge announced that Casey was going back to the jail to receive medical treatment but couldn’t release what kind of treatment she needed or illness she had because of HIPPA regulations. Sketch. I understand HIPPA regulations (I work with them every. day.), but I think the whole situation is made-up.

Evidence presented by prosecution:

  • So far they’ve shown the jury pictures of the skull as it was found–with duct tape covering the nose and mouth. If Caylee Anthony drown in her family’s pool, why would she be found with duct tape on her mouth?
  • They’ve had TWO cadaver-dogs search the yard and they both pointed out the scent of a dead body in Caylee’s little playhouse and sandbox.
  • They had a computer analyst find internet searches for things like, “how to make chloroform” and “neck-breaking” on Casey Anthony’s computer. The defense tried to prove them as “self-defense” searches and that the searcher only stayed on the page for 3 minutes. However, the prosecution shot back that the web searches were viewed 80+ times. And, in my opinion, 3 minutes is enough time to print something… Think about it.
  • They had a guy from Oak Ridge National Lab testify on the horrific smell that emanated from the back of Casey Anthony’s trunk. They also found large traces of chloroform in the trunk and pooled in the tire wells. The defense tried to discredit the expert and then claim that the smell came from the trash in Casey’s trunk. Except for that when the trash was searched, there was no food in it, meaning nothing to create the nasty smell. Also, the defense tried to say that the chloroform came from household cleaners Casey used.
  • At the time that Caylee was reported missing, Casey originally claimed that a nanny had taken her daughter. The nanny never existed. Casey told her parents she and her daughter were with a boyfriend during the time Caylee was missing. No such man exists. Casey tried to tell her parents that she was working at Universal Studios during this time as well. Universal Studios has no record of her working there during that time.
  • The prosecution has tapes from jail-time chats between Casey and her parents where her parents say something along the lines of, “Now people are saying Caylee drowned.” And Casey Anthony scoffs it off like it’s no big deal, a “What will they come up with next?” type of attitude. And yet, the defense is claiming that’s what actually happened, that Caylee drowned in the family pool.
  • Caylee Anthony went missing in mid-June 2008 and wasn’t reported missing until mid-July 2008. Casey claimed in the phone conversation with the police that she was trying to search for her daughter on her own. However, a phone call from Casey Anthony’s mother to the police is what prompted the first missing child report in the first place.
The defense isn’t even trying to prove that Casey didn’t do some of these things (like the internet searches), but just trying to discredit the experts or first responders, etc. who are testifying. I don’t even see how the jury will have an issue convicting her.The defense also set up the entire trial with opening statements that claim Casey Anthony was sexually abused as a child by her father and brother and that she learned to lie and hide things. One story said that she was forced to have oral sex with her father and then go to school and pretend nothing happened. I don’t believe it for one minute.

Apparently, the defense also attempted to move for a mistrial because Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez claimed the testimony from former boyfriends was prejudiced. Except for that the reason his request was denied was because the boyfriends actually said good things about Casey when asked… by the defense.

So the trial is supposed to resume today, pending Casey Anthony’s “illness” subsides. I’m super interested to see what details emerge and how the defense will try to discredit what they say.

Interesting strategy to produce doubt in the jury’s mind, but it seems like the prosecution is prepared for whatever the defense can dish out.

Come on, justice. Don’t fail us now!

*UPDATE* I removed the ability to comment on this post. Things were getting a little out of hand.


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