The farmers market and food favorites

I got up early this morning and ran a 5k by myself. Sean stayed up till 2:00 A.M. playing video games so he wasn’t up for the early-morning run. I’m pretty proud of myself for 1. Getting out there at 6:45 A.M. 2. Going without Sean 3. Running a whole 5k (I know it’s not much, don’t judge) and 4. Running the whole way.

After that I got back and had breakfast #2. Then Sean and I ventured out to the Sandy Springs Farmers’ Market! I’ve been looking forward to this all week! Fresh fruits and veggies! The thing about farmers’ markets is that you only get what’s in season. It’s a more environmentally-friendly way to live, but I had to stop by Whole Foods afterward for some apples (at least Whole Foods told me they were from Chile, right?).

Anyway, here’s what we got at the market:

Yummy, wheaty, oaty, seedy bread. I snacked on it on the way home. The boy (probably 16 years old) at the booth recommended it to us. Too cute. It's soft in the center and has a hard crust. $5 a loaf.
Blackberries. I'm normally not a berry person, but I figured these would be good in ice cream or in a smoothie. $3 a basket.
Greek yogurt made right here in Hotlanta! This is Chocolate Rocket. It's got chocolate, chili pepper, and cinnamon. It tastes like heaven. $10 for 5.
Carrots. Yum. They looked heavenly all in a bunch. $2.50/lb.
Baby roasting potatoes. We eat a lot of these. They're so good with french onion soup mix. $4 a basket.
Green and purple (?) beans. I'll admit I bought the mixed basket just because I wanted to try purple beans. $4 a basket.
Broccoli. I don't know how much a pound it was. I just saw it and got it. Can't wait to roast this like the potatoes.

Things to know about farmers’ markets:

  • Take your own recyclable grocery bags
  • Bring cash
  • Come hungry and try things when people offer

Also, we went to Whole Foods and Kroger. Here are some things I recommend you try.

This peanut butter is second only to the Peanut Butter & Co. chocolate varieties. Yum. Tastes like straight up peanuts. And it's no-stir!
For athletes or worker outers out there, I recommend coconut water to rehydrate after a hard workout. It tastes gross, even in the mango variety, but I feel 100 times better after I drink it. And here's why...
Yup. I went there. Another heavenly product that's good for you (in moderation).
No hydrogenated oils. No high fructose corn syrup. Because corn does not belong in your peanut butter.
A healthier alternative to Lucky Charms. At least I tell myself that. There are 14 whole grains in each serving, and they're nicer to the environment than LC's are.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope you are eating well this weekend. Off to play Scrabble and hope the wind dies down to Mitten Head doesn’t throw up all over herself out of scarediness!

"Please make the thunder stop. Oh, and pet right there!"

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