Pop Up Video – VH1

Did you ever watch Pop Up Video on VH1? I was addicted to it as a kid. I don’t know if my mom knew I was watching it or not, but I loved it. I even got my little brother to watch it, and I don’t even know if he could read at that point in time.

Essentially, Pop Up Video showed music videos from all eras and genres of music and while the music videos were playing, little bubbles with unknown or little-known facts would pop up to educate you about the artist or the music or the music-video-making process.


In fact, there was a little theme-song-like ditty before it went to commercial where someone sang, “Pop Up Video” in a little jingle. When my brother was younger he’d sing along: “Bup Bup Video.” It was cute. And from then on he and I called it Bup Bup Video.

Well, for all you Bup Bup Video lovers out there, apparently it’s coming back to VH1. Rejoice! And get cable if you don’t have it (cough, Sean, cough).


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