Gone pickin’

Sean and I went to pick berries this morning. I know. I know. I don’t like berries, and after my last run-in with blackberries from the farmers’ market (which I ended up giving to a coworker), you’d think I’d learn.

But they’re just so good in smoothies, and I just couldn’t resist when I smelled them.

Before we left, Sean and I ran. It was beautiful. There was a fog on the trail that was left over from the rain that fell last night, and as we ran we watched it burn off the river as the sun rose. It smelled good. It was cool out. It was just a good run.

After we got home and had breakfast, Sean started some things for work with the Mitten’s help, of course.

Let me help you with those files.

Then we headed all the way down to Fayetteville, Georgia to the Adams Farm where you can buy fresh produce and pick berries.We stopped by the bank to get some cash from the ATM when I saw this across the street.

A cop convention at Waffle House - 3 cruisers!

We knew we were there when we saw this sign:Hoorah! We headed toward the fields and picked up a bucket. The lady at the bucket-station made us read some sign about how they weren’t liable if we died picking berries. Odd. Then we headed out to get some berries.

That last sign was on the door to the blueberry patch. We saw tons of half-eaten berries all over the place. Apparently no one follows that rule.

Along the way to the blueberry patch, we had to go through the strawberries. I wasn’t planning on getting any, but they smelled too good to pass up. So, we headed that way afterward.

Sean spots a good patch.
Yum. These puppies are headed for the blender. Smoothie-ville.
I try my hand at berry picking.
And I've spotted some good ones!
This guy was trying to hide from my sight, but I found him!

Overall, we had a good time. We picked up some farm-fresh green beans, too. I hate to pass up green beans! Now we’re going to have smoothies for every meal.


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