Running peeves

What does it say about the kind of person I am that I just started running and I already have pet peeves about it? It means I like to complain. Or it means that I’m a scrupulous and detail-oriented person who is adamant about politeness and pays close attention to her surroundings. You choose. 🙂

Firstly, as a general rule, I’m a curb-hugger. There are no curbs on the trail that I run, but you get the drift. I try to stay as close to the edge as I can so that anyone’s who’s running faster than I am or cycling or whatever, can easily pass me. If someone is walking, I move toward the center to pass that person and then return to my edge of the trail. It’s like driving. I think, anyway.

Some people stay in the center no matter what. Plenty of walkers, runners, cyclists, etc. Do this. And for some reason, it really bothers me. This is especially the case when there are people coming from both directions and a runner clogging up the middle or the “passing lanes” as I like to think of them.

The other thing, besides non-curb-huggers is 3+ groups. If you’re in a group of more than three people, please do not run in a straight line. It is so difficult to try to pass a horizontal line of 6 people who take up the whole width of the trail. Wouldn’t it be more polite to split yourselves into twos to threes and run in a block. Not only can you hear everyone’s conversation, but you make it easier for those of us who are trying to pass you!

This seems like common sense to me, but I guess when you’re in the middle of a run, you just get too carried away.

This photo is unrelated.

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