Last one, I promise…


I know you are all probably getting a little tired of reading my raving posts about my new job, so I’ll try to keep this rave to a minimum.

So far, I’ve only been here two-ish days, and today it going on the third, and already I feel a lot more comfortable and “at-home” at work, if that makes any sense.

Here are my theories why:

  1. I’m not the only girl. At my last job, I was the only girl. My four other coworkers were all men. It’s not like I like talking about girly things. I mean, I’m pretty much not girly at all, and when I am, I’m in rare form. But it’s still nice to be able to surround yourself with people that you could potentially speak to as a friend as opposed to a colleague only. Now, it may turn out that my coworkers are “Business at work. Life at home.” Kind of people, and I suppose that’ll be ok. But the potential is there.
  2. I’m not the youngest one. Ok, well, I may be the youngest one, but everyone else is also close to my age. At the law firm, my closest age-match was about 10 years older than me. That didn’t really keep him from being hip (hi, Jordan!) and cool, but it made me feel a little inadequate and immature in some ways. I’m sure I am, so, please ignore the previous statement. Nonetheless, like I mentioned in #1, the potential to make friends at work with people who are more similar to me than different is an exciting prospect.
  3. I. AM. WRITING. I know this sounds simple and lame. And I’m sure I’m not an expert at writing for marketing purposes yet (in fact, I’m certain of that), but it still feels good to be working with words. I’m actually using the thesaurus website. Forming sentences. Maybe it’s all crap. I don’t care. I’m sure with time, I’ll produce results they can actually use. But for now, I need to get this out of my system, this built-up need to put words on a page. Cleansing.
  4. I am researching. I knew my love of reading random and seemingly-useless articles would come in handy. My Google searching skills are excellent, and they will serve me well in this job. I spent my whole first day researching. It was fantastic.

I know I may be getting my hopes up about doing well and people liking me, but it’s just so hard not to.

In terms of exercising, I missed my first Turbo Kick class yesterday. It was a little heart wrenching to see the clock strike 10:45 and know that my class friends were starting a NEW ROUND without me. I tried to make up for it by going to another class at 4:30 yesteday afternoon called 3/3/3. But it was pretty lame.

We essentially did three exercises, each for one minute, and repeated that set three times. 3 exercises/3 minutes/3 times. It wasn’t so much the instructor or the format that was so lame. I’m a strong believer in getting out what you put in. It was the people.

They were the most miserable and lame looking/sounding/acting people on the planet. Like it was the worst experience of their lives coming to this class. I hate people like that. Hopefully, I can get my groove back and figure out how to make it to at least one Turbo a week, even if it is on a Saturday.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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