Sunday pictures

Mitten and I had a snuggle session. Sean was jealous.

Saturday was good. I love weekends. I think what makes them so special is that they don’t happen but once a week and for a short period. If I had every day to spend like this, I might get bored. Heck, I know from experience I’d get bored. Sitting at home is only nice in short doses.

I have the best cat on Earth.
She even liked Gnomeo and Juliet. It was a cute movie.

Sean and I got Gnomeo & Juliet in the Netflix mail yesterday. It was a cute little movie, and all the Shakespeare references were cute and cool. Like a bottle of paste labeled “Taming of the Glue” and stuff like that. It became a game of me trying to catch the Shakespeare references.

My new stash of books to read. Don't judge my odd selection.

I’m so excited to have a whole slew of new books to read. I started yesterday with Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals and then I” go from there. Yay books!

After I got my stash and got my Turbo instructor to sneak my into the super fancy gym she teaches at on Saturdays for TURBO KICK, Sean and I headed to the Dekalb Farmers’ Market. It’s less of a farmer’s market and more of a warehouse-style world market. There’s stuff from all over the world. We got lots of berries, bananas, yogurt, eggs, and apples. I also found whole wheat pastry flour so I could make Mama Pea’s Vanilla Bean Mini-Scones. They are so delicious. I probably got three pounds of flour for $2.50. Everything is awesome there.

And so, I want to do a little prize-puzzle if you will…

I'll send a prize to anyone who can name this fruit.

If you can name this fruit, I’ll send you a prize by mail.

Tonight we’re going to watch a documentary called The Corporation and maybe make a cinnamon version of those scones. But first I have to head off to my first meeting with the North Atlanta Women’s Book Club! Wish me luck as I try to tone down my nerdiness!


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