Things you should know 3

I’m currently reading Eating Animals by Jonathon Safran Foer. It’s been interesting so far, but I’m not too far in. Let’s just say this week’s been a little too busy for leisure reading.

I’ve watched documentaries like Food, Inc. and Super Size Me and they’ve illustrated to me the damages that eating *factory farmed* meat can do to your body and to the environment.

These are my next set of documentaries I’m waiting for Netflix to get!

Forks Over Knives: A documentary about the extremely negative impact that processed and animal-based foods have had on the health of Americans over recent years. One interesting point: This may be the first generation in which the lifespan decreases instead of increases.

Hot Coffee: A documentary that analyzes how the courts have changed in recent years, accepting money from corporations, manipulating media coverage, etc. One interesting point: People who claimed that the woman who sued McDonald’s for the coffee burn was just greedy changed their tunes drastically when they saw the woman’s burn. (Thanks for the recommendation, Jordan)

I Am: A documentary that examines the interconnectedness of all beings on the planet and the world’s increasing obsession with material objects. One interesting point: I may have teared up a little the first time I saw this trailer. I most definitely got goosebumps. Also, the tag line: The SHIFT is about to hit the fan. Good one.

I hope I’ve interested you in a few documentaries that you may want to check out, if for no other reason than to be able to argue with me about them. 🙂


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