Did I mention…

It’s July 2. The second day of July. This means that we’re more than halfway through the year! How can that be? It also means that Sean is going on 1 year with the National Park Service, and that we’re going on 1 year of cohabitation (that sounds like such an ugly word). We’re going on one year of domestic partnership. Seriously, America? There’s no better way to phrase it?


And now it’s time for our first vacation in almost four years! Hooray! Last time we went to Kentucky and Ohio to visit Sean’s family and go on a tour of the amusement parks up there. We went to King’s Island, Cedar Point, etc.

Roller coasters were involved.

As you read this, I will be headed on an island vacation off the coat of Georgia. Technically, I’m not supposed to tell you this because Sean thinks you’ll rob our apartment. So please don’t rob us.

We’re going to be staying at The Lighthouse Inn, a super-cute bed and breakfast right on the coast of Tybee Island.

How adorable is this?
The blue room.

It’s going to be super nice and super relaxing. We’ve even scheduled a sunset kayak to see dolphins (in the wild) and other local animals.

There’s also some US history to learn while we’re there at Fort Pulaski, and Savannah, Georgia is a quick drive from where we’re staying. Hooray!

I wish you all a vacation-like mindset for your weekend.


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