Things you should know 4 – FoodMatters

Sean and I watched an interesting documentary last Friday evening. It was called, FoodMatters and was about how a diet rich in nutrients can be nature’s best medicine and what’s making Americans sick and pharmaceutical-dependent is their nutrient depleted diets.

The movie starts with a quote.

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food.” – Hippocrates

While some aspects of the film seem like extremist propaganda, and there aren’t a lot of facts to back up the specific food-based treatments and statistic it claims, the basic premise is, I believe, something we can believe whole-heartedly.

You are what you eat. If you eat fatty, low-nutrient junk food, your health and your body will reflect that. It’s important to eat foods that are full of nutrients to help supply your body with the fuel it needs to do its job properly.

I do believe that the pharmaceutical industry does not believe in investing in and promoting natural health and wellness, because they believe that science can cure it eventually. I think a lot of people nowadays feel that way as well, like they can do what they want, live however the feel, and the doctor will just fix them up when the time comes.

However, it’s all about preventative maintenance. You don’t skip oil changes and getting new tires on your car because you can just go out and buy a new one. So why are we treating our bodies like that?

The food you eat does matter. So feed your body, your well-oiled-machine, like you want it to last a while!


2 thoughts on “Things you should know 4 – FoodMatters

  1. I really liked that documentary. Is that the one where they talk about vitamin C in high doses basically acting as a cure for cancer?

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