My vacation story (as I wrote it out on Word) was WAY too long for one post, so I’ve split it up to help you digest it. Or whatever, not get bored with it.

Mandatory vacation update (MVU) 1 can be found in the post right before this one.

After we ate our nasty Arby’s we headed to find the Lighthouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. Now, it was super awkward when I called and made the reservation. Not only because I used Sean’s card, but because I had to say, “This is not my card. It’s my boyfriend’s.” And I feel like anytime Sean and I do something together that people who are normally married are expected to do the same thing, like go on vacation, people judge us.

Uh, maybe it's ok to judge us a little...

I could hear it in the woman’s voice as she said, “Oh, you’re boyfriend.” That, and I know I sound young on the phone, so it’s even more reason for people to judge.

So when we arrived, I think the lady was a little upset that we were a young, unmarried couple. And I hate that. I feel like I need to qualify it by saying, “We’ve been together for almost four years, now. And it’s not like we’re wild partiers. In fact, we go to bed early and don’t even drink.”

The owner seemed a little hesitant when we first arrived, almost condescending. Sean was immediately convinced that we’d never go to a bed and breakfast again. Sigh.

So she gave us a key and we settled in. And then we headed out toward the beach. As we were leaving, other guests arrived, a man and his very pregnant wife. They were staying the room next to ours.

It’s the Independence Day holiday so there were zillions on people on the beach on Saturday.

Packed like salty sardines!

What a great place for people watching!

We walked the two miles to the pier and then went on to dry land to check out the town. It was hot, and I felt like I needed a serious tummy cleansing after that crap-tastic Arby’s. We found a little market (not a farmers’ market, don’t be fooled) that sold produce for exorbitant amount of money, and Sean was nice enough to buy me some apples.

We made it back to the B&B and took a little nap. An early morning and a 5+ mile walk warranted it.

I didn’t think I’d be hungry after our disastrous lunch, but I woke up starving. So we walked down to the nearest restaurant, the North Beach Grill. It was an interesting place with a resident cat and a live band. (Tybee Island seems to be stray-cat-ville, we saw nine in a driveway yesterday).

Car cat.

I ordered a house salad with sweet potatoes fries, and Sean got a chicken tortilla salad. Both our salads had corn and beans on them, an interesting addition that I think I’ll continue at home. The sweet potato fries were sprinkled in sugar instead of salt and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Needless to say, I did not finish those. They were weird and gross.

Sweet potato fries... ew.

Instead we got a $6 slice of key lime pie, and oh was it delicious. Yum. I could have eaten six more slices.

Oh, and we saw our B&B neighbors. The man had a good-looking vegetable and pasta entrée and the pregnant wife had a beer…



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